You have to start somewhere

Do you know the feeling of a blank canvas? Nothing is there, anything is possible. This feeling can be really awesome, you can do everything you want, no parameter is set, you a free to bring to life what’s on your mind.
That feeling can also be overwhelming. There might be fear about what could go wrong, or if this, what you want to do, is the right thing, the right direction, the right thing for your audience, good enough to show it to someone, to the public.

All this mixure of opportunities and fears or similiar things can hold you back and might you even stop you before you even started and might have lost any idea about what you intented to do in the beginning with you awesome blank canvas.

What you can do

Start. Just start. Everything starts from scratch. Everything artistic you have seen before started somewhere, it started witch sketches. Sketch paintings, sketch photographs, sketch dance moves, sketch music or singing pieces. Behind every great creative thing there are hundres if not thousands experiments and thats fine. Creativity is about exploring, finding a way, to figure something out. The only way to do this is to try and make “mistakes” or find ways that doesn’t work and learn from them.


If you doesn’t know what to photograph, go out and shoot something; if you don’t know how to start your song, just play some chords; if you don’t know how to start with your text; write some scentences. All of this doesn’t determine your result in the end. It might even won’t have anything to do with where you started, and that’s also fine. In a creative process there is a development in which even the starting point can’t be found anymore, and that’s totally okay, especially when it got you to where you are in the end.

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